Information of SIEC Finland

The purpose of SIEC Finland is:

  • promotes business education in Finland
  • to develop the professional skills of those working in business education
  • to act actively to create co-operation between the various parties, organisations, associations and members of business education
  • Co-operate with the international bodies of SIEC and all its national departments
SIEC Finland promotes co-operation and networking in business and business education.

Our main activities are: 

  • Organize courses, company visits, study trips, presentations and lectures, as well as parties to members and stakeholders
  •  Provide teachers and other business professionals with links to business education and expertise abroad 
  • Promote business education. 
  • Promote collaboration with all members and organisations close to business education. 
  • Research in the field of business education 
  • Projects to develop business education internationally Support business education and training students 
  • Publishing activities